NC Ranks 4th In The U.S. For Solar Energy

3 min read

Solar energy’s future is bright in North Carolina! Recently the state was ranked fourth in the nation for solar energy sources installed statewide. Why is solar such a popular choice in the Tar Heel State? Let’s look at why North Carolinians are going solar. 

NC’s Suitable Solar Climate

One big reason NC residents choose solar panels is due to the climate conditions present in the state. As a sunny southeastern state, North Carolina offers shorter winters, a long summer and plenty of sunshine in the spring and fall too. The opportunities for gathering direct sunlight for solar power are plentiful, with an average of over 210 sunny days per year across the state. Raleigh, specifically, sees 217 sunny days a year on average. So it only makes sense there’s been a noted upward trend in how many homeowners are turning to solar power for their electricity needs.

With over 2,600 hours of sunshine received per year, there are plenty of opportunities to get the most out of your solar investment. Combine the amount of solar power your panels produce with a battery backup system or our Pink Energy VALUE PACK to jump-start your energy efficiency and potential cost savings from Day 1. 

Potential Opportunities to Save

The potential to save money on electric bills is another reason people turn to solar energy. North Carolina’s net metering policy allows homeowners to send their unused excess solar electricity back to the grid for credits on upcoming electric bills. This allows solar panels to provide potential savings whether you use all of the solar energy produced or not. 

In addition, homeowners going solar could potentially save thousands of dollars over time on their monthly electric bills due to the amount of grid power usage that is offset by the solar energy! Combined, these benefits present a great way for NC residents to take advantage of the sun and own their power. 

Renewable Energy and NC

North Carolina has a noted commitment to renewable energy. Over a tenth of the energy used in NC is produced from renewable sources! Solar panels are a popular choice for renewable energy since they’re becoming more affordable with technological advances in the manufacturing process. Pink Energy offers premium, American-made monocrystalline solar panels, which provide top-of-the-line solar power and produce more electricity per panel than less efficient polycrystalline panels. With these, you’ll potentially reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help make our world a cleaner, greener planet. That’s something to be proud of, and a huge incentive for NC residents. 

Homegrown Solar For Your Home

Pink Energy is proud to be headquartered in Mooresville, NC. Plus, with six offices across the state, we’re tapped into local communities from the mountains to the Atlantic coast. Your local Pink Energy team would love to help you get started on your own journey to going solar. Contact us today for a free customized quote and learn what solar power could look like for your home! Our NC solar experts have what it takes to help you join other North Carolinians using renewable energy for a bright future.