Net Metering In North Carolina

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North Carolina homeowners and business owners have the opportunity to own their power through a solar system designed to meet their energy needs. For many solar customers, net metering is an opportunity to reduce their grid dependency and potentially increase their monthly savings through solar electricity. If you’re considering adding a solar panel system at your home or business in North Carolina, it’s worth exploring available solar plans with your utility company.

How Net Metering Works

Connecting your solar system to the power grid is part of the solar panel installation process. Before drawing power from the grid, your home will use the electricity generated by your solar panel system first. Sometimes, however, your solar system may generate more electricity than is needed to power your home and additional grid power won’t be necessary. In this case, you have the option to either store this excess solar electricity in a battery for later use or send this power back to the grid to potentially earn credits on future electric bills.

Reduced grid power consumption through solar electricity use could result in a potential lower monthly electric bill.4 Depending on your home’s location and energy needs, North Carolinian solar customers have net metering available at the following utility companies:

Under North Carolina state law, investor-owned utility companies must offer net metering rates to their customers. We recommend researching your utility provider to find out whether it offers net metering that can potentially increase your monthly savings through solar power. Pink Energy also will be able to tell you whether your utility participates in net metering, which may be helpful. We’ll also provide you with a free quote!

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Pink Energy

Adding a solar system to your home can help reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save you money on your monthly electric bills4, not to mention allow you to own your power. If you’re interested in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency with additional energy-saving upgrades for your home, our SMARTPWR360°™ package will help further reduce your energy consumption and potentially boost your monthly savings. Contact your local team of Pink Energy experts to learn more about going solar today!