The Best Energy-Saving Tips for the Holidays

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The holiday season ushers in a time of feasting, family and festive decorations. But in the rush to deck the halls and prepare for hosting holiday gatherings, it’s easy to overextend your energy—and your home’s. With a custom-designed solar panel system, a renewable energy source can help power your home all season long without breaking the bank, but there are ways to help your solar energy go even farther. Let’s discuss how Pink Energy can help you save energy—and potentially save on your electricity bills—during the holidays.

At-Home Energy-Saving Practices 

Amid the holiday hustle and bustle, you can practice small, simple energy-saving habits around your home that cost little to employ and can potentially save you money in the long run.

1. Allow sunlight to warm and light your home. Keeping your curtains or blinds open throughout the day allows natural light into your living spaces to slowly warm them. Remember to close your curtains at night to keep warmth inside.

2. Unplug appliances that aren’t in use. Electronics can actually use energy even when they aren’t switched on. Be sure to keep them unplugged when not in use, especially if you plan to leave town for the holidays.

3. Seal your windows and doors. Unsealed space around your windows and doors allows heat to leak out and cold to enter your living space. It’s also worth checking for openings around outlets and in your attic.

4. Put your holiday lights on a timer. Avoid wasting energy by leaving your holiday lights on all night long. Connecting them to a timer will limit the amount of time they’re switched on and won’t require plugging in and unplugging your lights.

5. Select LED holiday lighting. LED light bulbs use less energy and can last longer than incandescent light bulbs. Avoid replacing your holiday lights every year with these more durable, efficient light bulbs.

Reduce Energy Consumption With SMARTPWR360°TM    

Practicing energy-saving habits around your home can help conserve energy, but additional upgrades to your home’s appliances can further limit energy waste. Pink Energy’s SMARTPWR360°TM package of energy-saving upgrades works to support your solar panel system by helping power your home more efficiently. Maximizing the impact of your solar panel system through this suite of products can potentially save you money on your holiday electricity bills.

Own Your Power With Solar Energy

A solar panel system can help you reduce your reliance on grid power during a season of high electricity usage. Interested in owning your power with a renewable energy source? Contact Pink Energy today for a free quote!